Types of Light Bulbs We Carry

You'll find a all the standard light bulbs including specialty and energy efficient varieties engineered to the highest quality standards. With categories that consist of CFL, LED, HID, halogen, fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs, we provide lighting solutions that enhance homes, offices and businesses. Hard-to-Find and special order light bulbs can be purchased at any one of our three stores. Please drop by and check out our huge selection, beautiful showrooms and friendly sales staff.

LED Bulbs (light emitting diode)

High power, high performance and high quality LED bulbs offer energy-efficient solutions for residential and commercial applications. LEDs are now fully dimmable and are offered in several colors temperatures from warm white to day light.

CFL Bulbs (compact fluorescent)

Our expansive line of high-quality compact fluorescent light bulbs feature an array of shapes, sizes and color temperatures to fit almost any application. We are happy to light up any bulb so you can see the quality of the light before you buy.

HID Bulbs (High Intensity Discharge)

Our complete line of HID bulbs include metal halide, high pressure sodium and mercury vapor options. Commonly used in parking lot light fixtures, security lights and growing plants indoors.

Halogen Bulbs

Our halogen light bulbs provide the same light quality as standard household light bulbs but are more energy efficient and are fully dimmable too. Halogens come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and base types so please bring in your bulb so we can match it exactly.

Fluorescent Bulbs

We offer energy-saving T4, T5s, T8s and T12s with great light output and longevity in fluorescent lighting. Try one of our colored tube gels that slide over the tubes to change the color or light output.

Incandescent Bulbs

Our incandescent light bulbs are perfect for all your decorative, household, appliance, low voltage, European, colored and rough service needs. Many incandescent have been discontinued or will be discounted soon. **** So stock up on products that you like before they are gone forever. **See Interesting Fact from HowStuffWorks.com How Light BulbsWork

Antique, Nostalgic, Steampunk or Edison Styled Bulbs

Complete the look of your vintage pendant, lamp or sconce by adding a nostalgic Edison style light bulb to your lighting repertoire. Vintage light bulbs are incandescent, fully dimmable and have been reproduced mirroring the styles of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They are often made much the same way they did over 100 years ago with hand blown glass, carbon filaments, and artistic craftsmanship. The light they give off is a warm glow that is great for setting the right mood. Bars, restaurants and fashion boutiques all use these unique bulbs for both there functional beauty and elaborate filamented light. Popular with Steampunk designs. Steampunk, an artistic genre which originated during the 1980s, that incorporates post apocalyptic, Victorian or Scientific lighting in wild, fanciful, industrial designs. Light Bulbs Unlimited carries the largest selection of these types of bulbs in the Los Angeles area. See Historical Note: Edison's Lightbulb at The Franklin Institute
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