Party and Event Lighting

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We are one of the largest party, wedding, reception, and event decorating lighting stores. With hundreds of unique disco, DJ, home decorations and party supplies, we have something fun or tasteful for every occasion. We have one of a kind and and hard to find novelty lights for everything for man caves to lavish weddings. Most everything in our store lights up in some way. With thousands of party supplies from lighted trees, flowers, garlands, Floralights, ice cubes, finger lights, hats, gloves, chandeliers, and much more. We are constantly adding new and unusual lighting decorations to help you add style, humor or interest to your home or event at affordable prices.

Colored Light Bulbs

Rich color, high quality, incandescent or energy saving colored lights for commercial, residential, party or everyday use. We have one of the largest selections of colored light bulbs anywhere. Small base, big base, flood lights, chandelier bulbs, silver bowl, Christmas, circus, sign, bug lights, mosaic and black lights.

String Lights

String lights are light bulbs on a long wire that plug into a socket. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, some flash, some twinkle, some plug end to end, others have special effect controls or can be dimmed. Indoor, outdoor, commercial grade and heavy duty lights strings. We sell Christmas lights year round as well as elegant backyard and patio lights.


Our line of novelty lighting consists of things like Lava Lamps, plasma balls, fake fire torches, flashing rings, bracelet, necklaces, hats, guns, wands, key chains and glow sticks. Finger lights are very popular as well as the light up gloves, foam sticks and pool toys. These are great party giveaways. They are must haves for Ravers at party events like Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival and of course Burning Man.

Paper, Nylon & Solar Lanterns

Lanterns add a joyous, light hearted feel during the day and an elegant ambient glow to your outdoor space at night. With over 60 colors, sizes and styles, there is definitely a lantern to match any decor or theme. Choose from paper or nylon with elegant variations of each to match any space. We can special order unusual styles, sizes or colors in large or small quantities. From traditional Chinese lanterns to Halloween we have, or can generally get whatever you desire. Accent your trees or garden path. Hang paper lanterns from fishing line or throughout your garden or along a path with shepherd’s hooks. We have hassle free Solar-powered lanterns - no wires or batteries. We have a complete line of battery operated light inserts, multi string lights and single power cords to illuminate your lanterns anyway you want.

Laser, DJ, Disco and Special Effects

Why have great sound without great lighting. You can quickly and effortlessly boost the look and feel of the any event. Customize your party or event with a laser light show. High-tech lasers and special effects can make a powerful statement that will make your event exciting and memorable. Our lasers and LED lights are certified and safe to use around pets and children. Plug and play solid state laser systems are air cooled with no special power requirements to make it a hassle free set up. Lasers and colored LED wall washers can be synchronized to sound tracks and project over long distances. Many of our products are plug and play, DMX and remote controlled. We try to find the easiest products to use right out of the box for both home owners and professionals. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can walk you through the operations of any device.EL Wire, Rope Light and LED Ribbon Light - Linear Light Systems

EL Wire (electroluminescent wire) - Linear Light

EL Wire, also known as Electroluminescent wire, is a stiff wire core coated with phosphor and then covered with a protective PVC sheath. When an DC signal is applied to it, it glows an aqua (blue green) color. Sometimes, it’s covered with a colored plastic shell to make it appear another color. It looks a little like thin neon. Very bendable, it keeps its shape and you can curl it around your finger. It’s an easy way to add some glow to a project, not as bright as LEDs but uses a lot less power! It's often used for costuming, decoration, accent lighting, safety vests, bicycle/motorcycle/car/boat/home decoration, signs, etc. EL Wire is definitely the most popular wearable electronics light we've seen.

Rope Light - Linear Light

Rope lights are strands of lights which are enclosed in a flexible plastic casing, causing them to resemble strands of rope. They are made with incandescent light bulbs as well as light emitting diodes (LEDs), and they are especially common in holiday displays, although rope lights can also be used for conventional lighting of stair steps, under counters, art displays and furniture. One of the primary advantages to rope lights is that they can be used outside, even in poor conditions, because the lights are protected by a plastic casing. They are also very easy to handle, tending to tangle less than more conventional strands of lights, and they can be arranged in a wide variety of ways. Some businesses use rope lights to outline window displays and the eaves of their buildings. Many people like the smooth, even look of rope lights. They can also be wrapped around trees and power poles, or strung along pathways. The uses are endless. We sell them in 12” and 18” ready to use lengths. We also have rolls that run 150 to 200 feet in length. They come in a variety of colors, are cuttable every 3 feet and and they can plug end to end.

LED Ribbon Light - Linear Light

We carry a full line of LED Strip Lights in non water-resistant, water-resistant and waterproof versions for all your LED lighting needs. Ideal lighting applications for LED Ribbon Strip Lights include, signage, interior/exterior lighting, back lighting, accent lighting, under cabinet lighting, landscape lighting and any other lighting projects. Available in a variety of single colors as well as RGB which has can produce over 16 million color hues. They come in ready to use kits as well as do it yourself spools that may require some soldering. Remote controlled systems available. They can be cut, twisted, rolled, and they are very flexible.

Flameless Candles (battery operated)

Flameless candles are wax or resin shaped candles that operate off batteries. They look and smell like real candles. They are often made of real bees wax and flicker like the real McCoy. Our Flameless candles can be used indoors or outdoors and are safe to use around pets, children and furniture. The outdoor flameless candles are even wind proof and can be left in the sun and rain. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. The battery life ranges from 36 hours to approximately 350 hours on one set of batteries. The battery compartment and on/off switch is conveniently located on the bottom of the candle. Tea light are extremely popular as well as our remote controlled and color changing candles.

Black Lights (ultra violet - glow in the dark)

A black light, also referred to as a UV light, ultraviolet light, or Wood's lamp, is a lamp that emits ultraviolet radiation (UV) and little visible light. A "black light" usually refers to a lamp that has a dark blue optical filtering material in the glass envelope of the bulb which blocks most of the visible light, so the lamp emits mostly ultraviolet. Black light sources may be made from fluorescent lamps, mercury vapor lamps, light-emitting diodes (LED), or incandescent lamps. Black lights are essential in observing fluorescence, the colored glow that many substances emit when exposed to UV. Black lights are employed for decorative and artistic lighting effects, for diagnostic and therapeutic uses in medicine, for the detection of substances tagged with fluorescent dyes, rock-hunting, for the curing of plastic resins and for attracting insects. Black light lamps are also used for the detection of counterfeit money, scorpions, pet stains and CSI type medical forensics. Black Light parties are a popular form of home rave that party goers throw today. We carry a large variety of black lights from UV flash lights, tube lights, screw-in bulbs, battery powerd, and UV strobes.


A strobe light or stroboscopic lamp, commonly called a strobe, is a device used to produce regular white flashes of light. Vaiable speed strobe lights, capable of flashing up to hundreds of times per second, are used to visually "stop" the motion of a moving objects. These are commonly used at parties and night clubs to enhance the visual experience of the party goers. They can be plug-in, battery powered or even UV.
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