Utility and Lighting Accessories

Electrical products include lamp parts, tranformers, power cords, socket adapters etc. We have a large variety of electrical parts but less than say a hardware store or electrical wholesaler might have. Call to see if we have what you are looking for. Hard to find lamp parts or glass fixture covers can be special ordered for you.

Lamp Repairs and Quotes - Services

We are happy to replace your light bulb in your desk lamp, flash light or makeup mirror, etc. if you bring it in to us. Lamp repair and repair quotes can be done at all three store locations. Repair quotes cannot be done over the phone, we must see what we are dealing with and sometimes take it apart to identify the problem.

Lamp Parts

We have all kinds of lamp parts from switches, dimmers, cords, plug, harps, sockets etc. New cord or socket, no problem, we can even convert your European plug to a standard American plug. Do it yourself with parts you buy or leave it with us to repair. Lamp designers, inventors come for ideas on how to construct you lamp, we can help.

Power Strips

Power strips help you connect multiple electronics or light strings to one central location. We have several power strips to choose from. Many of our strips are surge protected from power spikes in the electrical grid. Extra long power strips exist. We either have or can get extra long ones up to 6 feet long with up to 18 outlets.

Electrical Power Cords

Electrical power extension cords come in various colors and lengths. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, long or short we have many cords to choose from. Some cords have male plugs with built in amber neon lights which indicates that there is power in the cords and outlet. In addition, these extension cords provide Continuous Current and Ground Monitoring (CGM), an OSHA safety requirement. A green neon light in the female connectors lets you know at-a-glance that there is ground continuity. We can also make indoor power cords with multiple sockets along a wire or if you need unusual socket spacing. We can sell you the parts to make your on cord.

Dimmers and Wall Plates

Our line of Lutron dimmers are available in both regular and low wattage LED and fluorescent type dimmers. Picking the right dimmer makes all the difference in dimming modern LED and flu ore cent light bulbs their full range.

LUTRON http://www.lutron.com

Remote Controls

Remote controls offer us freedom and flexibility to control your lighting or electrical appliances from afar. Typically we offer multiple frequency remotes, dimmer remotes and remotes that can control multiple appliances. Some remotes are even outdoor rated for turning on and off your back yard lights.

Socket Adapters

See our complete line of light socket converters from one bulb size to another. They all just screw in to allow a different base size or turn one socket into two. You can covert a light socket to an electrical push plug, or convert that European socket to an American with a simple screw in adapter.

Electrical Wire

The electrical wire we stock varies from single conduit to multiple conduit (low voltage) wire. Most of the wire we stock is for lamp cord replacement so we offer several color choices in that style. Antique - cloth wrapped cord is also available in three stock colors (black, gold, silver). The low voltage wire is used for our RGB LED strips.


Transformers come in a huge array of voltage sizes and uses. We carry the outdoor landscape type as well as, indoor DC, and low voltage, multi voltage types. Call to see if we have what you are looking for.


We have mechanical timers as well as electronic, outdoor rated and photocell timers.


Lithium or Alkaline, we have lots of batteries. You’ll find all the normal batteries at Light Bulbs Unlimited AA, AAA, C, D plus a whole slew of button type batteries. Battery cages are also available in AA, C, D type. Check out our rechargeable lithium battery packs for the remote enjoyment of your favorite electronic device or light up costume. Benchmark testing comparing our batteries with comparable top-brand batteries in the market revealed our batteries consistently meet or exceed the performance of other well-known brands of batteries at a lower price.
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Please call, email or drop by one of our store showrooms for more information or to purchase products.